Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gone are the days of stuffing keywords into your page copy and expecting great search results. Google attracts super smart people to work on algorithms. So it only reasons that search engines ranks sites based on performance. Does your site meet the grade? We help businesses with web design services to develop:

Unique and quality content that is aligned to the searcher’s intent

A great User Experience

A responsive site for mobile searchers

A credible presence on the web

At Seleqtive Digital we offer SEO services that ensure that the relevant traffic reaches your site. These include:

On-Page SEO. Optimising pages on your site to ensure that they rank highly when matched with searcher intent. This includes both the content as well as coding of the site.

Off-Page SEO. Optimising how your website is referenced by external platforms. This is about obtaining quality backlinks (not quantity), strong trust in a site and social reputation.

Do we offer Global or Local SEO? For us, this is not a separate type of SEO. The location of your offering is a key consideration in all the On-Page and Off-Page SEO activities we do.

Our Web Design Services

Hate your website, but have no time to fix it? Worried that your website redesign project is not going to get the result you want? Is your website redesign taking too long and too big to fail? These are all symptoms of a traditional website design project. Just as we apply an Adaptive Growth Cycle, Seleqtive Digital employs Growth Driven Design for our website projects. Rather than irregular transformations of your digital presence, it is an iterative process for seizing opportunities and getting results quicker. Why risk a silver bullet approach to website design when you can continuously improve your site and increase growth?