What is digital marketing strategy?

It is marketing strategy using technology. The internet provides countless ways to promote your business. Each day new tactics are developed. A custom-fit strategy provides a pathway for deciding which tactics will achieve your objectives. Having Seleqtive Digital develop your digital marketing strategy will:

Establish a powerful online value proposition

Reach and engage with your online customers

Deliver an optimised User Experience

Achieve your expected results

Avoid directionless and duplicated investment

Adaptive Growth Cycle

Opportunities multiply as they are seized – Sun Tzu

Being static is falling behind your competitors. A dynamic environment is the accepted norm of digital marketing. A strategy developed over 12 months is already out of date with its analysis of market trends. A website designed every 2 years misses out on countless improvements to increase conversion.

The enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan – Carl von Clausewitz

Putting planning into practice is the best way to test it. You want direction. But never at the expense of missing opportunities. Seleqtive Digital uses the Adaptive Growth Cycle for planning and Growth Driven Design for web development. You always want to know the next step. Our framework delivers it in an uncertain environment.